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Pianos / Keyboards

Pianos & Keyboards
Tips for Buying your First Piano / Keyboard

When shopping for a good, reasonably priced piano for your student, here are a few points to keep in mind, and an explanation of some of the terms you will see.

  1. 88-Key pianos / keyboards are the best to have for a piano student.  88 keys, is the "standard" piano size.  You will see smaller 76, or fewer keyed pianos, but eventually, your student will encounter note having keys being called for in their music.

  2. Weighted Keys - Many "keyboards", especially those smaller than 88-key, do not have a key with any weight to it.  This becomes an issues when playing on an acoustic piano, or digital piano that is weighted, as the student is not prepared for the amount of physical work to play the instrument, as their muscles have not developed to cope with the appropriate pressures they need to apply to the keys and the responsive feel of the instrument.

  3. Polyphony - You will see keyboards that say they have 64-note or 128-note polyphony, etc.  This referrers to ability of the keyboard to play more than one (1) note at a time, before it starts to drop notes.  Your best option is to go no lower than 128-note polyphony, and higher is better, but the higher polyphony options will be on more expensive units.

Here I have linked some well respected brands or 88-key digital pianos that would be perfect for any beginner that won't break the bank.




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